The Enchanted Garden

A walk through the lush greenery of Goa is no ordinary thing. The vibrance of colours and multitude fragrances, the coolness of the breeze and the soft moistness of the mud, all combine to give you the most fresh experience of mother earth. This part of the map is blessed with teeming biodiversity. The flora is rich, the fauna is diverse - mother nature is present in all her glory.

Naturally, there are several groups and enthusiasts offering unique and varied experiences of nature. There are tree walks and bird walks, there are butterfly parks and otter trails, dolphin cruises and fishing expeditions that you can choose to be a part of. Each of these outings are a delightful and enriching experience and are sure to put a smile to your face. In the summers you can find several varieties of wild berries to feast on, monsoon is the season for wildflowers and butterflies while the winter months are the time for birding. There are several books to guide you. A plethora of online groups dedicated to local wildlife, birds, insects, plants and aquatic creatures. You will learn to, name plants and discover their medicinal properties, identify bird's songs and their nesting habits. You will be able to see the lifecycle of caterpillars as they turn into butterflies, the processes of bees converting nectar into honey. Suddenly these nameless things will become familiar and of course you will add to your vocabulary. A camera and a notepad or simply your smart phone should go along with you.

It’s a truly humbling and enlightening experience to take note of the life, other than that of the mankind, sharing our planet space. The trouble they take to build their nests, to forage for food, their seemingly strange rituals of courtship and the caring for their young ones. All the activities and seasons seem to be linked in an intricate and delicate cyclical balance, while sharing a symbiotic relationship. Awakening to this knowledge makes you so much more sensitive to nature and your responsibility towards preserving it.

At Aashyana you can witness much of this by just being there and observing life around you in its natural spendour. You shall wake up to birdsong, and if you are enlightened by a recent birding experience, you are sure to surprisingly recognise the chuckles of a bulbul - the red vented ones with mohawks are specially common. The magpie robin marks its presence with its long shrill tweeps. The tiny sunbirds come out later in the day, always foraging in pairs, male and female together, noisily and excitedly finding the flowers to drink the nectar from. The garden is full of host plants for the butterflies and a walk in the afternoon is a good opportunity to sight many of these. You may even find their cocoons hiding under the leaves of these plants. These are our permanent guests.

We have a carefully curated garden with grand banyan trees, swaying palms, majestic bamboos, colourful bougainvilleas, fragrant frangipanis and a host of ornamental plants and wild beauties. We also grow our own herbs and vegetables through organic processes. All this is done in a thoughtful and sensitive manner to the environment using the principles of permaculture to ensure a careful balance between all living things.

Our garden is a specially relaxing place and an ideal space to meditate. It is dotted with sculptures of the Buddha radiating a realm of calm and grace. Another very special feature of our gardens are the seven perfume altars that line the main axis of the garden giving it a unique charm.

It is truly a mystical space. You discover more with each visit. We invite you to take a walk down our enchanted garden.

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