The Great Goan Bazaar

Everyone visiting Goa knows of its famous Saturday Night Market. The old Anjuna Flea Market is also well known. Then there is the lesser known and more traditional Mapusa Market. There is the Annual All India Lokutsav Festival of traditional crafts. And more recently numerous Pop Up Bazaars can be seen across the city, while the street market is always reinventing itself. The Earth Keepers Market is a rage. The Nari Arts Movement’s Bazaar is a delight… All of these markets make for a really exciting shopping experience in Goa.

Actually, it’s much much more than a shopping experience. It is a wholesome outing. The Saturday Night markets have live bands, DJs, performances, food, snacks, ice cream, toys for children - giving visitors a complete festive atmosphere. The market is large and sprawling, littered with wonderful and curious things. You can browse, pick up oddities, buy great presents and souvenirs too. These markets have large crowds, often resulting in frustrating traffic jams, so it is best to find out about the closest markets to where you are staying and either walk there or take public transport. You can spend hours in these markets, till the wee hours of the morning.

The thing to look out for in these markets is the artisanal stuff. There is a whole variety of traditional crafts from Kashmir, Rajasthan, Bengal. But, what makes the Goan Bazaar unique is the works of independent designers and craftspersons - contemporary designers, often working with traditional methods and materials. These are the smaller markets, promoting eco-consciousness and contemporary arts and designer craft. There are some interesting ceramics, lamps, scarves, clothes, masks too and food items galore, which is sheer craftsmanship: jams, wines, pickles, squashes etc. Most of these goodies are homemade, handcrafted, made by individuals, families, or small enterprises, working from their kitchens, backyard studios and cottage workshops. They produce objects made for the sheer love of art. You will not find these elsewhere. This is what makes holiday shopping in Goa special.

You can discover amazing things in the Goan Bazaar: pottery that work as speakers, scarves that glow in the dark, chocolate art, hand quilted tea cozies, painted kettles, dolls from discarded packaging… Trualy a range of human inventiveness and creativity is at display in these markets. For a person with an eye and a taste for the offbeat, it’s a connoisseur's delight.

At Aashyana Lakhanpal we take pride in supporting new talent and creative individuals in the field of arts and crafts. You shall find in our collection artworks and designer objects that have been hand picked from around the world and from Goa. We encourage our guests to discover local talents and patronise the tradition craftspersons and contemporary designers from Goa. Also, the rise in these makeshift markets provides a much needed platform to small businesses and variously skilled people to showcase their talents and connect with buyers. It’s commerce at the very basic purpose, but it is also a delightful exhibition of talent and creativity.

When visiting Goa, it is a good idea to look up the local listings for any bazaars popping up around you. After the sunset on the beach, the party moves to the bazaar. The bazaar is full of people from diverse regions, from within India and across the world.

A mini global village.

A melting pot of cultures.

A chance to meet wonderful people - a lady selling prayer wheels from Ladakh, a German man baking pies, a cartoonist from Goa, a couple from Bengaluru selling herb plants.

We urge you to stop awhile and have a chat, as you are in Goa and everyone is relaxed. You are sure to meet human beings who have charted different life paths. Goa is home to all of them. In this convivial atmosphere you truly discover the real ethos of Goa - the warmth of its people and its all embracing culture.

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