Beautiful Strokes

It is common in the US and Canada for artists to hone their craft by going to different locales, which inspire them in different ways. They also find the exercise more interesting and inspiring, and hence when they find locations in other countries, the trip becomes a holiday too. Suzanne Northcott, an artist from Vancouver, Canada, recently conducted one such art workshop for a motley group of art learners at the Aashyana Lakhanpal, Goa.

The group largely spent most of their time painting and doing yoga at the beautifully set Yoga Pavillion but when their schedule permitted and their curiosity got the better of them, they toured the culturally rich and social hobnobbing spots of the city where people from across the world took on the gay and languorous vibe of the city.

The experiences they enjoyed were many; they particularly enjoyed the performance of a RUSSIAN SINGER, who crooned beautiful renditions of Mozart, Bizet etc. on the very first evening of their stay at Aashyana Lakhanpal. The WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON BAZAAR at Anjuna Beach, which originally started as a flea market during the hippie era and has continued to this date on a larger scale. Shopping was a key attraction here. This was followed by a trip to the SATURDAY NIGHT MARKET at Arpora, which is similar to the Wednesday market but differs by having a large international food court with live music and dancing, making the night a lot of fun.

Located in the industrial area called Pilerne is the new MUSEUM OF GOA created by a Goan artist – this visit gave them a peek into the colorful history of Goa. One morning they took a BOAT TRIP on the Mondavi River where they caught glimpses of the city and its vegetation and concluded the day with a spectacular sunset. No trip to Goa is complete without a viewing of OLD GOA. So one morning they took a day trip to the SPICE PLANTATION and on the way back they witnessed the architectural beauty of old Goa and the BASILICA OF BOM JESUS where to date lie the mortal remains of Saint Francis Xavier.

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