Director's Message

"Aashyana Lakhanpal is thirty-four years old now and I bought it in 1983. I started as a holiday home for myself and friends and family. Today it’s about 6 acres, all beach front. I would like to keep the place and it’s landscaping as much natural as possible; not manicured and also like a home. Most of the people have commented on the tranquillity and quietness of the place. They love the quietness, the tranquillity and the naturalness, and I think they all seem to like it because it resonates with our true nature. The tranquillity of the place induces a calm and quietness within you. Never will you find so much vegetation per square foot or per square meter compared to Aashyana. Actually, a friend of mine who was a guest here for about a week; words he would use for the place as the ‘comforts of a palace and the silence of a monastery’ and I .. that’s very beautifully put"

Aashyana Lakhanpal

In the early 80’s, Ajai Lakhanpal bought a home for himself in North Goa. Over the years he has meticulously created a paradise so inspiring and beautiful that he felt compelled to share it with the world. A decade ago this treasured property opened its doors to travellers looking for a unique escape from the mundane. Ever since, guests have poured in from all over the globe, to experience the harmony within themselves and at AASHYANA LAKHANPAL.

The property inherited its name from Ajai’s family homes, named ‘Aashyana’ in Jalandhar and Mumbai – meaning “bird’s nest” in Persian. Just as a bird builds its nest with precision and detail to ensure the comfort and care of its offspring, Aashyana Lakhanpal, perched on the pristine Candolim beach, has been built with utmost care and thought under the supervision of Ajai himself, keeping in mind the comfort of his guests.

It is perhaps the only shaded coconut grove in the world from which you can step directly on to the beach. You can lose yourself, they say, in the wonder of its ‘’un- manicured’’ ambience, where nature is allowed to be its amazing self in an uncluttered décor. Life imitates art, and Ajai is an art curator, collecting pieces he has found and brought back from his travels around the world. These individual and unique items can be found around the property and in each of the rooms; Buddha statues and 7 hand-carved granite altars, situated at the axis of the house, hold a place of pride, representing each day of the week.

While guests are pampered, Aashyana Lakhanpal also takes care of the environment by harvesting rainwater and feeding it back into the soil via four aquifers on the property. This has benefited the property and perhaps even the neighbouring homes. The garden also employs a permaculture framework that regenerates soil naturally.

“Aashyana Lakhanpal’ has attracted distinguished artist, attending residential camps: Bhupen Thakkar, Nalini Malani, Nilima Shaikh, Rekha Rodwitya, Navjot, the late Altaf and many others, each artist gracing the spaces with magnificent art pieces.

Loved ones have shared their vows in the gardens while corporate directors have organised events to inspire their teams with strategy discussions. “I believe we have truly created a haven for the world to experience,” says Ajai as he looks fondly at the expansive natural habitat around him.

The renowned art curator and philanthropist, OP Jain fittingly described the property after his visit: “Aashyana Lakhanpal has the comforts of a palace and the silence of a monastery; it has the silence of Humanyun’s tomb and the grandeur of the Taj Mahal.“

Indeed, the perfect balance of a natural habitat coupled with the attention to detail and warm hospitality makes Aashyana Lakhanpal the destination of choice for many visitors, bringing them back, again and again, to rekindle old memories and create new ones.

Resort Overview

Swimming Pool

The swimming pools at Aashyana Lakhanpal are made with an essence of space. They have a shower spot to use before you step into the water, changing rooms, chaises- longues, side tables and sun umbrellas in the tropical garden. Blue and white striped towels in your accommodation are provided for use at the pool or beach.

Beach Sit-out

Right on Candolim Beach the beautifully constructed sit-out awaits you to indulge in a game of scrabble, a round of chilled drinks or to strum a guitar as you watch the waves and the sun setting on the horizon. The sit-out has informal seating space and the staff can arrange for additional tables and chairs on request.chairs on request.

Yoga Pavilion

Nestled in a sprawling 4000m2 garden, the spacious and airy Yoga Pavilion makes for an ideal setting for yoga, meditation or workshops. You can ask the staff to help you book a one to one session or perhaps join an existing group.

Airport transfers

Once you have shared your flight details, we will arrange for transport to receive you and take you back to the airport. The service is complimentary.


Taxis are available on request and generally arrive within 20 minutes. Please contact the service staff; they will be happy to arrange one for you.


An experienced guide can be arranged to help you explore Goa, the “Pearl of the Orient”. You can choose from numerous options: bird watching, market shopping, nightlife, wildlife, heritage tours, spice plantations, water-sports, go-karting. Even if you have visited Goa several times, there is always something new to see. Please contact the office for additional details.

Home cooked food

A tasty and sumptuous breakfast is freshly prepared for you in your kitchenette between 08.30am and 10.30am, on request. Please contact our service staff to arrange for a time convenient to you. By prior arrangement (1-day notice) our cooks will visit the local markets and select the freshest produce to cook a meal according to your requirements. It will be served in your accommodation. Indian cuisine is our specialty and we offer a wide range of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes designed to tempt your palate.


Laundry (excluding dry-cleaning) is collected daily from the laundry basket in your accommodation. Items not placed in the basket will be considered as clean. Your laundry will be returned to you after 2 days.

Internet access

We have arranged for free WIFI access across the entire property.