Pre-booking terms & conditions

Ashyana is a private home graciously thrown open to traveler and vacationers alike on agreed pre-booking terms and conditions.

Being a private home, Aashyana Villas and Casinhas are decorated with art, artefacts and books which are there for our guests to appreciate and enjoy. we kindly request our guests to ensure they do not cause any damage to these precious and valuable items and to treat them with much care.

Children are most welcome. We request the Parents/Guardians to keep an eye on the children so that they do not unknowingly damage any furniture or decor.

The sound pollution law in India is very strict. It is prohibited by law to play loud amplified music after 2200 hours (10 pm). Aashyana is situated amidst a residential area. Loud music, crackers and general loud noises which may disturb people in the neighbourhood will not be tolerated. Guests who do not respect this regulation will be asked to check-out immediately, all payments made for bookings will be forfeited as cancellation charges. The local Panchayat and police are very strict and any indifference will be penalised.

Guest are requested to take care of their valuables and personal belongings. We at Aashyana are not liable for any losses. Lockers are provided in every bedroom of each villa and casinha.

In compliance with Indian law we require the following:

For Indian Nationals: Each member of the group should bring ID proof and a photocopy of either of these: ID card, Passport, Driving License, PAN card.

For Non-Indian Nationals: Each member of the group should carry their passport containing a valid Indian visa and a photocopy of the photograph and visa pages.