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All soaked up

 “Goa is the best in the monsoons,” every seasoned visitor to Goa will proclaim with that ‘all knowing’ air. But to a newbie, Goa without the beaches and the beach shacks, is like arriving at a dance party without a DJ. So, how are they expected to play ‘antakshari’ while the rain decides to stop? No. Well, that too, but no. There are other things, other than the usual - things full of joy and delight. And we at Aashyana encourage you to indulge. Go out preparing to soak it in. Not literally. Carry an umbrella; wear light clothes, rain shoes and shorts.

'Wandering For Wellness' - Jia Speaks

There’s something magical about Goa when it isn’t awfully crowded and it doesn’t take forever to get from one beach to the other. It is peaceful and you can have your own stretch of private beach as you contemplate whether you are going to sunbathe or whether you are going to practice your asanas on the sand. Don’t get me wrong but I sleep a lot better when I don’t hear clubs blaring loud commercial music until the wee hours of the morning. I love visiting this beach town either in the monsoon or just around spring before most establishments shut for the season when I need some R&R.

Carnival Colors

Spectacular floats adorn the streets with people dancing without inhibition in their brilliantly coloured costumes while rainbow coloured masks and feathers adorn the faces of passers-by. Scores of entertainers from diverse lands and color are aplenty and the atmosphere is that of merry making twice over. Eager tourists can’t believe their luck as they take to their hand held smart phone cameras trying to capture the perfect ‘SELFIE’ and update their joy on social media saying – ‘It’s that time of the year again!’

Beautiful Strokes

It is common in the US and Canada for artists to hone their craft by going to different locales, which inspire them in different ways. They also find the exercise more interesting and inspiring, and hence when they find locations in other countries, the trip becomes a holiday too. Suzanne Northcott, an artist from Vancouver, Canada, recently conducted one such art workshop for a motley group of art learners at the Aashyana Lakhanpal, Goa.

Nesting of a different kind

North Goa, has become synonymous with crowded beaches, hippie markets and a crazy nightlife, and it is usually difficult to find a quiet, homely and comforting space around it. And yet, in the milieu is an oasis like no other that intrigues the curiosity of the keen traveler. In the early 80’s, Ajai Lakhanpal bought a home for himself in the inimitable North Goa, and over the years, has meticulously added science and magic to it, to create a paradise so inspiring and beautiful that he was compelled to share it with the world.