Casinha Capricorn

Aashyana Casinhas

The three Aashyana Casinhas (Portuguese for cottages) – Leo, Libra and Capricorn, clustered within the grounds of the main villa – are reached through their independent, wrought-iron gate leading to a delightful courtyard.

The stylish whitewashed casinhas use a neutral décor and local features like terracotta-tiled roofs, stone floors and traditional built-in seating, high lighting the owner’s private art collection.

Casinha guests have access to the swimming pool, beach and the beach sit-out along a marked pathway on the edge of Aashyana grounds.

The casinhas are ideal for couples, small families or groups of friends. One or more can be booked together to provide accommodation for up to 12. All three casinhas booked along with the Aashyana Lakhanpal villa can accommodate a maximum of 22 people.

Split air-conditioners in all bedrooms (designed for reduced noise levels; external compressor units).